Friday, August 19, 2011

Story Time!!

There have been many funny stories of note the past few weeks so here are a few of them:

Story one: "What a Mess!"
           Right before we left for the beach last week, my mom and I went to run a few errands in Atlanta for the day that we had been meaning to do all summer.  Ava Hayes stayed home with her sweet daddy.  At about noon I received a text message of a hilarious Ava Hayes story that included a picture.  When Frank went in to get Ava Hayes up from her nap, he received a big surprise.  Ava Hayes figured out how to take her diaper off and then pooped EVERYWHERE in her crib!!!  And for the record, the diaper had not a single drop of poop on it, it was completely clean and sitting in the far corner.  ha  She was covered in poop and it was all over the crib and Frank said she was so happy and had a big smile on her face.  Her dad started the clean up process and put Ava Hayes in her bumbo (a bumbo is a little chair made for babies to sit in when then can't sit up by themselves yet).  After her dad got all the mess cleaned up he went to go start on cleaning up Ava Hayes, where he found that she had then peed in the bumbo.  Here is the picture Frank sent me of her with all the poop on her.  It's hard to see all the poop on her, but just trust us! :)
(Sorry it's sideways)

Story two:  "Perfect Timing!"
            We got pictures done of Ava Hayes and of our family the Saturday before we left for the beach.  We got all ready and drove to the Botanical Gardens.  When we got there Frank got Ava Hayes and I grabbed the bag of toy props that we had brought.  Before we even reach teh entrance where we are meeting the photographer,  Frank realizes that Ava Hayes pooped while in the car seat and when he put her on his hip, it squished out of the diaper and onto his white shirt!!  Thankfully, my parents had come along with us, and my Dad was wearing an outfit that matched the colors of what Ava Hayes and I were wearing.  They traded clothes and my Dad ran home to put on some clean clothes.  We almost got ourselves in a big old mess!!!!  Here is a picture my Dad snuck on his phone during the photo shoot.  I'll add the other pictures from the photo shoot once I get them.
Story three:  "AHHHHHH!"
          The first night we were at the beach, I put on a pair of baggy sweat pants.  I kept feeling like there was something crawling in them.  I looked down my sweat pants three different times and never saw anything.  After about 25 minutes of still feeling like something was in my sweat pants I thought I was going crazy.  So, I ripped them off and turned them inside out and laid them on the floor and started searching them for something. All of the sudden from under my sweat pants and LIZARD crawls out!!!!!!!!!  If you don't know, my BIGGEST fear is lizards.  I know they can't hurt me, but they just gross me out and make me get the heeby geebies all over.  I screamed bloody murder and jumped on the couch when I saw the lizard, which made everyone else freak out.  Frank caught the lizard and threw him back outside.  I remained freaked out for a good hour or two after that and I still can't believe that happened to me!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer from my phone's perspecitve!

It has taken me forever to figure out how to download the pictures on my phone to my computer!  I tried about 10 different things before I found a way to get it to work!  I also have a bunch of videos from this summer on my phone, but I still havent figured out how to get those on my computer!  But, they will be my next blog update as soon as i figure it out! So...Here is the past three months of our lives according to my camera phone:
 Getting a piggy back ride from Dad while at the Litchfield's lake house!
 I put Ava Hayes on a blanket on the floor so she could play while I laid on the floor with her and did some homework.  I look up and Ava Hayes has gotten under the blanket and is laughing so hard.  It was precious!
 At dinner with Gram who came to visit and the only thing that would entertain Ava Hayes while we were there was chewing on a straw, even though we had plenty of her other toys there to chew on!  Dad held the end of the straw so Ava Hayes wouldn't be abel to stick it too far in her mouth and choke herself!!
 In Birmingham for a visit and Ava Hayes was loving watching frank look at rivals on the computer!

 Frank, me, and Uncle Ty Ty while we visited in Birmingham!
 At the Litchfield's lake house playing with PaPa!
 Yes, that is a mowhawk hair do that we styled after a swim in the lake!
 Practicing our standing while holding on to the sofa!  She can't do this by herself yet, but she can if someone is there to catch her after 3 seconds of standing on our own!
 After I was done taking a test, we all 3 went and celebrated with ice cream from Bruster's!  Needless to say Ava Hayes LOVED it!  Here we are helping Dad finish some of his cheese cake ice cream!

 And we ofcourse had to try some of Mom's blue ice!

 I love this dress!! That is a flag on the back of her dress!

 Dad can always make us laugh!!
 Ahhhh could they be any cuter together!?!?! I don't think so!
 The holes in the table kept Ava Hayes occupied for a pretty good long while, which Dad and I loved, because it allowed us to just enjoy sitting and talking!

 I tried to put her in her pack n' play which is in our office room.  We put her in there with some toys while we are studying at the desk in that room, so we can focus on school work and not have to worry about her rolling into the wall or desk and hitting her head.  This time though, Ava Hayes was not having it and was refusing to sit down by holding on to the side!  Even though it was a bit frustrating, it was exciting, because she was standing all by herself, minus my hand which was there just as back up for when we inevitably fell!
 Ava Hayes is an extremely messy eater.  We usually feed her with just a diaper on and wipe her down with a wet cloth afterwards, but this time we had got so much of our food on us and it was so sticky that Frank and I just stuck her in the sink to wash her off.  She loved it and was fascinated with the faucet.

 Ava Hayes can now officially sit in a high chair!!!!!!! Yayyyy!!! This has been extremely nice for when we go out to eat!!!
 Just playing in our activity center which she loves!
 Honey came to visit us and after she left to return to Birmingham we realized she had left her blue jean jacket at our house!  So, to inform her that she had left it Frank put it on and we sent her that picture!!
 Ava Hayes has started to walk while holding onto someones hands!  So, naturally we had to walk around the pontoone boat with Gram!
 Ava Hayes playing with Papa's hat!

 Our friends Parker, Richard, and Caleb are moving in down the street, and we helped them move in!  This is Parker, Ava Hayes, and Richard sitting on the couch we just moved in, while we took a break from all the heavy lifting!
 Pops had to drive through Auburn on his way to a meeting, so he left Birmingham early and stopped by our house to feed Ava Hayes her morning bottle and to play a little bit before he had to get back on the road!!
 One of the few times she has just laid still!  I don't know why, but she was extremely contenet just sitting with me on our bed.  P.s. I didn't leave her on the bed, except to take the picture!
We got some pictures professionally done of her and our family this past weekend!  Pops snuck this picture for my phone!  When I get the pics I will add them on here!

We have had a great summer so far, and our currently at the beach with my family!!  Frank took a Genetics class which he made an 'A' in, and has been studying for the DAT test, which he needs to get into dental school.  He will be taking that test sometime this September, so keep him in your prayers that he will do well (even though I know he will do great on it!).  I took 6 classes this summer and made an 'A' in all of them.  So, the Litchfield's have a 4.0 for the summer semester.
Ava Hayes is eating stage two foods, can pick up her sippy cup which is usually filled with watered down apple juice, can roll across the entire room both ways, can sit up all by herself, loves the water, babbles the syllaballes "ma", "Da", and "Ba", can give us a slobbery kiss on the cheek after we give her one, and can turn in a circle on her belly.  Were still waiting on her to crawl, but she is doing great and we are loving watching her grow every day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Way Over Due!

I have been crazy busy with my managerial Accounting class, where I have had a test every Wednesday.  It seems that just as I get done studying for one test, it is time to start studying for the next!  But, since Ava Hayes is still taking her nap and we are just waiting on her to leave for the lake, I thought it was the perfect time to catch up on random things from the past month!  Here they are:
 Dad made Ava Hayes a Mickey Mouse Pancake for breakfast, even though she could only have like three little nibbles from it!

 We have started using a sippy cup, which we really like, since we get jealous at the dinner table when everyone else has a cup and she doesn't!
 She isn't crawling yet, but she is starting to get the stance down!!! Yay!!
 MOW HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!
 Probably my favorite picture in the WORLD!!!!  Like daddy like daughter!!
Gram came to visit, so Mom and Dad could study and Ava Hayes had so much fun with her!!!
That sums up July pretty well!! I will get better at posting more often I promise!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life lately!

I have had exams all week and after 8:00 this morning (Yes I had an exam on Saturday) I am now officially done with the first summer mini-mester where I took three class!!  Monday I will start the second mini-mester of the summer where I will take three more classes!  Since I have been swamped with studying all week, blogging took a step to the side until I had time!  So, here are some photos from our life in the past two weeks!

One minute Ava Hayes is happy playing in her swing and the next minute I look over and she is dead asleep with her face on the toy console.

After waking up Ava Hayes had a mark on her forehead from sleeping on the toy console!

Ava Hayes LOVES eating prunes!!!! She is not very fond of vegetables though, so to get her to eat them we get a spoonful of a vegetable and then dip it in some prunes and she will ALWAYS eat it!!! haha Who would have thought prunes would be her number one food!!

Ava Hayes and I watched PaPa and Dad build a swing last weekend in the yard at the lake!! We were all burning up in the Alabama heat, so after the work was done we all jumped in the lake with our clothes on!!!  We're so spontaneous!!

Ava Hayes and Dad in the lake with their clothes on, which Ava Hayes LOVES!

Our family in the lake with our clothes on cooling down!!

Ava Hayes is starting to try to hold on to things to be able to stand up!  She can't even come close to doing it with out someone holding her, but she is definately thinking and wanting to be able to stand!!

Honey came to town to help me with exams!  Here she was rocking Ava Hayes to sleep and they both ended up falling asleep!!!  Precious!

AVA HAYES CAN SIT UP BY HERSELF!!!!!! Yay we are so excited about her reaching this milestone!  Her record time for sitting up is about a minute or two before she falls over!  We have to be ready to catch her when she falls when she is sitting, but everyday she can sit longer and longer!!  It wont be long til she will be able to catch her own fall!!

How did Ava Hayes ended up in the sink???  I don't remember, but never the less it is incredibly precious!! She loved being able to see her self in the mirror!!  After taking this picture, I tried to move the towel so I could take another picture, but the towel was wrapped around the cold water handle!  When I moved it the cold water squirted out and scared the daylight out of Ava Hayes and Ava Hayes immediately started crying!!  Dad and I thought it was hilarious though to see her freightened face, and couldn't help but laugh while we comforted her from the most terrifying moment of her life so far!!!