Friday, August 19, 2011

Story Time!!

There have been many funny stories of note the past few weeks so here are a few of them:

Story one: "What a Mess!"
           Right before we left for the beach last week, my mom and I went to run a few errands in Atlanta for the day that we had been meaning to do all summer.  Ava Hayes stayed home with her sweet daddy.  At about noon I received a text message of a hilarious Ava Hayes story that included a picture.  When Frank went in to get Ava Hayes up from her nap, he received a big surprise.  Ava Hayes figured out how to take her diaper off and then pooped EVERYWHERE in her crib!!!  And for the record, the diaper had not a single drop of poop on it, it was completely clean and sitting in the far corner.  ha  She was covered in poop and it was all over the crib and Frank said she was so happy and had a big smile on her face.  Her dad started the clean up process and put Ava Hayes in her bumbo (a bumbo is a little chair made for babies to sit in when then can't sit up by themselves yet).  After her dad got all the mess cleaned up he went to go start on cleaning up Ava Hayes, where he found that she had then peed in the bumbo.  Here is the picture Frank sent me of her with all the poop on her.  It's hard to see all the poop on her, but just trust us! :)
(Sorry it's sideways)

Story two:  "Perfect Timing!"
            We got pictures done of Ava Hayes and of our family the Saturday before we left for the beach.  We got all ready and drove to the Botanical Gardens.  When we got there Frank got Ava Hayes and I grabbed the bag of toy props that we had brought.  Before we even reach teh entrance where we are meeting the photographer,  Frank realizes that Ava Hayes pooped while in the car seat and when he put her on his hip, it squished out of the diaper and onto his white shirt!!  Thankfully, my parents had come along with us, and my Dad was wearing an outfit that matched the colors of what Ava Hayes and I were wearing.  They traded clothes and my Dad ran home to put on some clean clothes.  We almost got ourselves in a big old mess!!!!  Here is a picture my Dad snuck on his phone during the photo shoot.  I'll add the other pictures from the photo shoot once I get them.
Story three:  "AHHHHHH!"
          The first night we were at the beach, I put on a pair of baggy sweat pants.  I kept feeling like there was something crawling in them.  I looked down my sweat pants three different times and never saw anything.  After about 25 minutes of still feeling like something was in my sweat pants I thought I was going crazy.  So, I ripped them off and turned them inside out and laid them on the floor and started searching them for something. All of the sudden from under my sweat pants and LIZARD crawls out!!!!!!!!!  If you don't know, my BIGGEST fear is lizards.  I know they can't hurt me, but they just gross me out and make me get the heeby geebies all over.  I screamed bloody murder and jumped on the couch when I saw the lizard, which made everyone else freak out.  Frank caught the lizard and threw him back outside.  I remained freaked out for a good hour or two after that and I still can't believe that happened to me!!!

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